Why a Sewer Scope Inspection

Sewer Scope Inspections



What Is A Sewer Scope Inspection?

A home inspector performs a sewer scope inspection by threading a long, flexible camera into the home’s plumbing drain in order to identify any leaks, broken pipes, blockages or other serious issues. Video from the camera is transmitted to a screen for viewing by inspector and is also recorded for the homeowner to see within the report. If any potential issues are observed, a licensed plumber is recommended to perform a thorough evaluation and provide a quote for repair.


Why A Sewer Scope Inspection?

A sewer scope inspection is performed in order to get a complete understanding of the home’s overall condition and to identify issues that can cause financial and safety-related hardship in the future. It is wise to consider a sewer scope inspection if:

  • Home is greater than 20 years old
  • Large trees in the yard 
  • Evidence of pest control issues
  • Random patches of green grass
  • Evidence of mold 
  • A foul smell
  • Evidence of improper drainage such as frequent clogging and overflowing


Common Issues Found With A Sewer Scope

  • Tree root invasion
  • Improper plumbing materials, such as Orangeburg
  • Blockages or accumulation of debris
  • Broken or damaged pipes
  • Improper installation of plumbing

Check out this 12 News Article & video recently published regarding the use of Orangeburg piping throughout the valley: CLICK HERE


Safety & Financial Implications

There are numerous concerns related to a broken or damaged sewer pipe:

  • Pests can enter the home through cracked or broken pipes
  • Mold growth
  • Harmful sewer gasses can seep into the home
  • Water from a broken sewer line can contain bacteria & viruses
  • Sewer line maintenance and repair can cost thousands of dollars


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